2017 Mazda Miata RF Features

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Miata RF Features Breezy Design 

The 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF is proof that the Mazda designers continue to put emphasis on both functionality and looks. The Miata RF is a fastback like no other, offering a hard-top roof that retracts effortlessly, gracefully. With specifications that are set to impress, next year's Miata promises to be a coupe like no other.

Perhaps the most impressive design feature in the Miata RF is the retractable, hard-top roof. The designers at Mazda sought to create a roof that offered the same usability as the soft-top, but with a sleeker look. Earlier models featured detachable hard-tops. But the Miata RF features a motor-driven retractable roof so that drivers can go from the fastback silhouette to roadster style driving in only seconds-12.5, to be exact. In 12.5 seconds the roof opens or closes fully, and can do so at speeds up to 6 mph.

Once the hard-top is tucked away neatly, the Miata RF hits the road with breezy agility. Rack-and-pinion steering plus double pinion electric power assist steering give this coupe a sensitive touch. Four-wheel, 11 inch ventilated disc brakes allow even more subtle control over the car, so that when you're gripping the leather-wrapped wheel of the Miata RF, there's no question who's in charge.

Mazda's New Retractable Fastback

Get ready to raise the roof as we take a look at the buzz-worthy 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF. Mazda has continuously inspired with its handsomely sleek coupes. This time, the brains behind the designs at Mazda have taken their own inspired hint from Porsche's targa rooftops. The Miata RF boasts both a retractable targa top and a fastback roofline, giving it a unique and alluring silhouette.


The retractable hard-top roof allows the Miata RF to keep a sleek body style whether closed or open. It's a design more elegant, more streamlined than a soft-top, yet the Miata RF does not have to sacrifice any of the conveniences that come with a Miata soft-top.


For one, the foldable hard-top roof takes up no more space than the Miata soft-tops. With the Miata RF, you get a fresh, elegant style without sacrificing any interior space. And, the Miata's hard-top only has a 12-second opening time. Mazda continues to prioritize both beauty and functionality as they expand their line of coupes.


Another thing that makes Mazda's new retractable fastback irresistible? It drives like a breeze, maintaining the sprightly driving dynamics Miata's are known for. Combine all that with the classic, aerodynamic fastback style, and you've got a coupe like no other.